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What is Civic Token? An Insight into the Token in 2020

What is Civic Token?

Civic is a token running on Ethereum blockchain. It aims for decentralized and re-useable identity using. It is a startup requiring to take KYC for customers or make a background check on behalf of its partners.

Civic, thus, reduces the cost of new startups to invest resources in areas requiring identity registration. The company already has a working product and has collaborated with several partners to use their product.

Civic at a glance

Name: Civic
Ticker: CVC
Founder: Vinny Lingham and Jonathan Smith
Website: Civic Token Official Site
Founder’s profile: Twitter
Whitepaper: Civic Token whitepaper
Block Explorer: Explorer 1, Explorer 2
Civic Social Profiles: Twitter, Telegram, RedditYoutube, Facebook

The idea behind Civic and its use cases

Breaches of identity theft are much common in today’s era. Ever get bombarded with spam emails? Well, this is what Civic is trying to prevent. Civic aims to secure identity system by empowering users to control their information. It provides a secure identity ecosystem powered by its products, which include, secure ID platform, Reusable KYC, and ID Codes.

Civic architecture can be useful when it comes to protecting identity theft. The platform provides full user control to their identity information so they can securely log in to several platforms just by having an account on the Civic platform.

Civic team and community

Although the community is small, the token itself is listed on several major exchanges. Further, the team behind Civic has a vast experience in the Tech industry. The Co-Founder and CEO, Vinny Lingham, was a former member of the Bitcoin Foundation. Additionally, he has worked with several leading firms and was the CEO of Gyft, an online Gift cards platform.

Similarly, Civic CTO has more than ten years of experience in the banking and technology industry. Besides, the token has partnered with several startups and giants, including WikiHow, and others. A full list of all their partners can be browsed here.

Civic Growth and Price Prediction

Civic grows rapidly after ICO. The price of the token went from $0.30 to $1.30 within few weeks. The team behind Civic launch the product within a few months after ICO. Although the price made new lows in Dec 2018, it is still classed as having a major potential to perform well in the coming months.

Imagine, using a Civic identity platform to control the information you share across several websites? Sounds good, and it’s true. With Civic you can find yourself free from hassle for completing the same boring KYC requirements across several institutions.

Further, the continuous improvements and integration of Civic are likely to give a boost to its price in the coming years. But as for the price prediction, the chances of breaking an all-time high is likely remote unless some major tech giants or blockchain projects such as Pundi X integrates Civic in their platforms.



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