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About 188 million in ETH withdrawn today from Plus Token pyramid wallet


About $ 188 million in ETH today was withdrawn from the wallet attributed to the Plus Token fraudulent scheme.

According to Etherscan, at 16:46 Moscow time 789 534 ETH left the wallet with the label “Plus Token Ponzi 2” and went to an unknown address, probably for further mixing in order to conceal the origin and transfer of funds.


This version is supported by the operations that followed almost immediately after the first movement aimed at breaking the total amount into smaller parts. Almost all funds were received to the original wallet six months ago and have not been transferred since then.


A few days before in a similar way was moved about 26 million EOS ($ 67 million) from Plus Token wallet to an anonymous address.

The Plus Token scheme was launched in May 2018 and acted as a cryptocurrency wallet, attracting users with promises of high profitability. According to analysts, at the time of closing in mid-2019, the damage from the actions of fraudsters could be about $ 3 billion.

Despite the retention of the alleged organizers, from time to time Plus Token wallets show activity. The laundering of such a large volume of assets causes obvious difficulties for their current owners. However, such movements today will inevitably raise concerns among market participants regarding their possible liquidation.



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