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Overview of cryptocurrency mixers for 2020

Uses of Cryptocurrency mixers are increasing day by day. Anonymity on the network is a fairly important factor for many cryptocurrency owners. The reasons can be very different: reluctance to demonstrate the state of the account and transfers to any government agencies, purchase of anonymous digital content, fear of becoming a victim of scammers.

At a time when cryptocurrency was just beginning to develop, the anonymity of transfers and payments, the absence of a digital trace of personal data, were announced as part of the basic principles. But in reality, this is only pseudo-anonymity, since the blockchain technology still gives some information about transactions publicly, and also stores completely the entire history from the moment the coin was received. For this reason, coins without history, which have just been mined, are 20-30% more expensive.


How can they know the owner of a cryptocurrency?

In fact, there are several commercial services in Darknet that collect this information from forums, exchanges, exchangers, investment portals. The most striking example is the merged data/cookies from analytics systems, such as Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica, which are often screwed to various sites.

A service parser can unambiguously compare data with a specific wallet, even if it is not personally identified by the user. Data + transfer amount + transaction information = full wallet user profile. This completely violates confidentiality, which leads to fraudulent manipulations aimed at attacks. Personal data along with the wallet number is leaked to the network.

How to protect yourself and your cryptocurrency account from deanonymization?

The simplest and most obvious answer is to interrupt the transaction chain so that the data about you are not connected with your account in any way, receive “clean” coins from various exchanges and transfers.

For this, cryptocurrency mixers services are used. They “grind” the currency into small pieces, confusing the digital footprint. Below you can find an overview of the most popular mixers.

There are two subtypes of mixers:

  • Plain the mixer, having split the currency into small parts, randomly distributes them among users of this service. Of course, the quality of this algorithm is highly dependent on the number of users. In addition, you are not protected from receiving parts of your own coins back, if this is not provided for in the service. The “purity” of the currency is also controversial since in most simple mixers no one checks it – there is a chance to get a part of the currency with a dubious history.
  • Complicated The mixer, in fact, uses a two-stage algorithm. He splits the currency, after which it is completely sent to third-party exchanges. Complex mixers receive coins without history from traders, investors, or from their own stocks. Such mixers are very concerned about the quality of the history of coins and do scoring before issuing to the user.

The choice of algorithm, of course, is determined only by the degree of anonymity you need.

Overview of Cryptocurrency Mixers

Bitcoin mixer with bitcoin.mixer 2.0 algorithm

The basis of the service is its own development – the bitcoin. mixer 2.0 algorithm. Depending on the chosen tariff, it provides the necessary degree of protection and also has a block from receiving parts of its own coins. Very detailed instructions use, available for use through TOR. Of the minuses – a rather high commission, it works only with the Bitcoin currency.


  • “Mixer”: commission 1-1.5% + 0.00008 BTC. Anonymous coins come from VIP customers of the service. The degree of protection is low.
  • “Complete anonymity”: commission 4-5% + 0.00015 BTC. Net coins come from foreign exchanges. You can use multiple addresses to return with increased anonymity. The degree of protection is high.

One of the oldest mixers with a good 100% automated algorithm. It does not store user logs at all, it is also available through TOR. From the pleasant – you do not need to wait long since the return of clean coins comes from the service’s own reserves. Works with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum will open soon. Significant disadvantages: no one checks the history of coins, and the mixing algorithm is unknown.

Tariffs: flexible tariff settings, from 0.4 to 4% for Bitcoin, from 2 to 20% for Litecoin.

A relatively young service with a flexible algorithm. Allows you to set an artificial delay in transactions, allows the use of multiple addresses. It stores logs for 7 days. The service is completely exempt from JavaScript, which increases anonymity. Also uses its own coin reserves. Very little commission. Only works with Bitcoin.

Tariffs: 0.5% + 0.0001 BTC for the output address.

A very sociable and self-respecting service, which is often mentioned in the press and bitcoin forums. It has a mobile version and a nice interface. Net coins are issued from its own impressive reserve of 2000 BTC. Surprisingly, it has a system of discounts for regular users, as well as technical support. It is very difficult to find negative reviews about this site, but it is not very clear what the percentage of commission specifically affects.

Tariffs: flexible tariff from 0.5% to 3%.

The service has been operating since 2012, very often flashes in the crypto press and international news when discussing the issue of anonymity. It has convenient navigation, instructions. He carefully checks the history of coins – the possibility of obtaining his own and doubtful coins is excluded. Cons: the first service that still requires an account, but with two-factor authentication. An account can be deleted permanently at any time. An old, “wooden” interface, which is at the same time freed from JavaScript.

Tariffs: a randomized commission of 1 to 3%, regardless of the number of addresses. It is better not to operate with large amounts with such a commission.



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