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You can claim between 2849573 - 5342950 satoshi every 3 minutes & Bonus 32 satoshi for unlimited times. To ensure that our claim amounts are kept as high as possible, we automatically adjust the Claim rate based on a number of factors including the TRX vs USD exchange rate and our advertising income. Simply complete the Step 1 & Step 2.

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Please follow the instructions on the jungleofferwall page. Extra earning will sent instantly to Faucethub. You can claim this offer an unlimited number of times per day.

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You are not allowed to use PROXY or VPN


  • Reward changes according to current bitcoin price.
  • You are not allowed to use PROXY or VPN.
  • Using cheats to bypass Human verification/captcha/Anti-Bot will get you banned.
  • You are not allowed to use Bots.
  • You are not allowed to claim from multiple TRX addresses.
  • You are not allowed to claim if you have adblock turned on.
  • Failure to complete Human verification/captcha/Anti-Bot too many times will risk your TRX address being blocked.

Reflink: https://faupto.com/trx/?r=Your_Address
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What is Faupto.com?

Faupto.com is a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out between 2849573 - 5342950 satoshi every 5 minutes & Extra 32 satoshi for unlimited times. There is no registration required and all payouts from Faupto.com are made instantly and directly into your FaucetHub.io account.
We also run a very generous affiliate/referral program, Ask your friends and colleagues to claim using your referral link and receive 15% commission from every claim that they make from the faucet.

Recent Payouts

TNsxLX763XP53KuBQqccnG5RhyduNzjKzG4630556 satoshi
TG6UwjMzBGhre31F5UA2DxVr2MLTc42RSP2849573 satoshi
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TNsxLX763XP53KuBQqccnG5RhyduNzjKzG5342950 satoshi
TG6UwjMzBGhre31F5UA2DxVr2MLTc42RSP4630518 satoshi
TXKRk7mRxh3Y7seQ4A9AmKgBVkwPJ6o9Cn2849550 satoshi
TNsxLX763XP53KuBQqccnG5RhyduNzjKzG2849550 satoshi
TBU3RNxb9rEKa39aBGfHMViedzEJBFvUpV3561937 satoshi
TC6LyeKEAXwG3L8qjqMB1juabKMT4HVXYg3561937 satoshi
TNsxLX763XP53KuBQqccnG5RhyduNzjKzG2849550 satoshi